Warren's Dark Heresy Game

Drinks and Clues 5-22

Zizz also makes planetfall and meets the party. Aristachus heals Plex of her wounds, does the “these aren’t the droids you’re looking for” trick on an illegal arms merchant to get a free flamer and some lasgun charges, and then goes to sleep as does Quintilla.

Wraxa, Plex, Maptizma and Zizz go out drinking with the locals and find out a fair bit about the ghostflowers, the ashleen, and typical life on the planet. Wraxa saves a child…


Oh and also the journey across the desert begins, and after Wraxa blows an axle on the truck, the party camps out and sets watches. During first watch they are troubled by a strange standing-up dead body that Wraxa claims she saw walking…

Drinks and Clues 5-22

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