Warren's Dark Heresy Game

Planetfall 4-24

Wraxa, Plex and Maptizma all meet each other for the first time aboard the starship Brazen Sky, and get a rundown on the general ins and outs of space travel as it were, by a simpering void-borne named Sebek. They also purchase some blankets and lho-sticks (plex), the finger-bone of a saint (wraxa) and the services of seven ratling prostitutes and a fizzlybub machine (maptizma) and make planetfall on the harsh windy world of Iocanthos.

Maptizma takes some pills before the drop, despite Wraxa trying to pull them out of his hand.

The landing site is at the center of Port Suffering, which is a bewildering place. The party spends some time chasing around a strange winged undead baby-thing and getting yelled at by an insane old Ashleen man. Having not all carefully read the mission directives, and with Maptizma all whacked out on pills, the game comes to an end with the poor party members at a loss for what to do or what is going on…


Oh also, upon first landing, the party is harassed by some sketchy third-world “police” types before simply pulling guns on them and driving them away.

Planetfall 4-24

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