Personal Voxcaster aka "hand vox" or just "vox"

the basic high-end imperial comm device


like a 40k cellphone but with no towers needed, but a limited range.


This is the high-cost miniaturized version of the Imperial Voxcaster, available from Lathe Industries.

Only the size of say a 1970s walkie-talkie, the Personal Vox can cast on all 100 Imperial channels, as well as handle person-to-person communication, with virtually no chance of awakening Warp Entities unless used on an Eightday at midnight, and has a range of about fifty miles. It also does paging and can be set to vibrate. When casting, its attached antenna twirls rapidly, which can be a danger to fingers.

It is able to accept a number of different chips which modifies its functions. For example the Inquisition-issued personal vox comes with a chip which gives the user the option to encrypt everything said into it into Acolyte Cipher, or decrypt an incoming transmission.

There are only two switches, one is on/off and one is speak to Mortals/speak to the Machine.
All other functions are voice activated.

The Personal Voxcaster may be charged by leaving it in Terran sunlight or brighter, half hour gives a day’s charge, it can hold up to a month’s charge, and touching it to an Imperial Generator will charge it for a full month in about one minute.

Personal Voxcaster aka "hand vox" or just "vox"

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